Are You Ready to Get the CoopMED Adavantage?

Prioritizing the type of insurance you and your family need is important. This can sometimes be a difficult task since there are many categories and classes of insurance, however we can help.

Property, funeral, term life,whole life and medical insurance are all purchased during our lifetime. Most people go with term life insurance since it is the cheapest and simplest form of insurance available to persons to protect their family from loss of the principle breadwinner.

The Credit CoopLIFE Funeral insurance is designed with you in mind to cover 6 persons including your parents. All that is required for you to be insured under CoopLIFE is be to able to say NO to 4 lifestyle questions and payment of your first premium.

Give us a call today at 246-228-6396 so that we can help you determine the best type of insurance needed to protect you and your family at this stage of your life on your limited budget.