All bona fide members of a Credit Union who complete three (3) months continuous membership are eligible to join the plan. Members as well as their eligible dependents can apply for coverage under the plan by supplying medical evidence of insurability. Eligible dependents are the lawful or common law spouse of the member(up to 60) and any unmarried, unemployed children, adopted and step children who are under 19 or under 25 years and full time students attending a recognized university or any other institute of higher learning.

Senior Members
Special provision is made for eligible members over 65 years to continue coverage beyond age 65 at new Retiree Rates.

General Conditions
Each member who has applied for coverage and is accepted in the plan will be provided with a membership card and booklet giving details of the plan benefits. Initial coverage is for one year; however a member can terminate coverage by giving 1 month’s notice in writing to Guardian Life of the Caribbean Ltd.

Member Only


Per Month

Member and Family


Per Month

Payment of Claim Benefits
Settlements under this plan is on a reimbursement basis in accordance with the schedule of benefits. Settlement should be made within ten(10) working days of the claim being received by Guardian Life of the Caribbean Ltd.

How to Claim?
The fully completed medical form, signed by the doctor and the member, along with the bills,receipts and any other supporting documents should be submitted to Guardian Life of the Caribbean Ltd. Claims must be submitted to Guardian of the Caribbean Limited within 90 days from the date of the first expenses.

When Does CoopMED Coverage Begin?
Any member who wishes to join the plan will be required to complete an application form. Members whose applications have been approved will be enrolled on the first day of the month following approval. Coverage will commence as soon as the member has been accepted into the plan and the premium due has been paid. In cases where a member is over the age of 40, a medical examination is mandatory.

Schedule of Benefits
Comprehensive Major Medical

Maximum Benefit – members under age 65 $300,000 Physiotherapy Benefit
Maximum Benefit – members over age 65 $100,000 Maximum per Treatment; 75% to a maximum of $60
Benefit Period – members under age 65 3 years Maximum treatment per Calendar Year 20
Benefit Period – members over age 65 Lifetime  Critical Care   $15,000
Deductible per Calendar year $300 Airfare Benefit
Maximum deductibles per family 3 per Calendar year Maximum per Calendar Year;75% to a maximum of $3,000
Accumulation Period 12 months Maximum Trips per Calendar Year 2
Co-insurance Factor Air Ambulance Benefits 
of the first $75,000 75% Maximum per Calendar year; 80% to a maximum of USD $15,000
Thereafter to the maximum of 100% Maximum Trips per Calendar Year 1
Hospital Room and Board Limit Group Life  $15,000
Applicable locally and regionally; 80% to a maximum of $400
Applicable Elsewhere $2,000 Medical Benefits
Office Visit Maximum 80%
Intensive Care Room and Board Limit Payable from first visit $60
Applicable locally and regionally; 80% to a maximum of $600 Hospital Visit Maximum $60
Applicable Elsewhere; 75% to a maximum of $3,000 Home Visit Maximum $80
Disability Maximum 31 visits
Pre-existing Condition Clause Specialist Consultation (On Referral) Visit Maximum…75% to a maximum of $100
New Entrants only $500 Maximum 5 visits
Maximum per Doctor’s Visits Diagnostic X-Ray and Laboratory Benefit
Office; 75% to a maximum of $80 Disability Maximum 80% of Eligible Benefit
Hospital; 80% to a maximum of $80
Home; 75% to a maximum of $80 Prescribed Drugs
Disability Maximum 80% of Eligible Benefit
Specialist Consultant Benefit Deductible per Disability $10
Maximum Per Consultation; 75% to a maximum of $100
Preventative Care Benefits 
Prescribed Drugs 75% of eligible benefit Annual Medical Examination for members only $200
Annual Pap Smear for all covered females $65
Diagnostic Test 75% of eligible benefit Annual Test for Prostate Cancer for all covered males $75
Annual Mammogram for females over age 35 $150
Maternity Benefit(not subject to a deductible) Annual Glaucoma Test for members only $50
Normal Delivery; 75% to a maximum of $2,000 Vaccinations for Children up to age 5 years $200
Annual Lipid Profile Test for members only $100
Caesarian Section/ Extra Uterine Pregnancy
80% to a maximum of $3,000 Dental Care
Miscarriage; 80% to a maximum of $1,000 Benefit maximum $1,000
Waiting Period 10 months Deductible per Calendar year $75
Preventative care 75%
Congenital Conditions Basic restorative care 75%
Maximum Benefit; 80% to a maximum of $100,000 Major restorative care 75%
Benefit Period Lifetime Waiting period 6 months
Organ Transplants Orthodontia Benefit
Maximum Benefit $150,000 Lifetime benefit maximum $2,000
Benefit Period Lifetime Calendar maximum $1,000
Deductible per Calendar year $75
Repatriation of Mortal Remains Benefit 75%
Maximum Benefit; 80% to a maximum of $6,500 Waiting period 12 months
Hearing Aid Benefit Vision Care
% to a maximum of $2,000 Calendar year maximum $500
Benefit Period 1 pair every 5 consecutive years Deductible per Calendar year $75
Benefit 80%
Out of Hospital Psychiatric Service Benefit Contact lens when medically necessary $250
Maximum per treatment; 80% to a maximum $60 Waiting Period 6 months
Maximum Treatment per Calendar Year 20